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A Game of Word-Wars

Why the name W-W III? By patenting W-W III, our goal was to make it illegal for any country to declare W-W III. We expect to get a call any day now from Norway about our Peace Prize.

W-W III is a cross between chess and word games, though easier to play than either. The object of the game is to form words, thereby scoring points, with the goal of reaching the winning score. You decide on a word that you would like to form, but you do not reveal the word to your opponent. You then move a marker on each turn to the letter on the game board that you want, in the order in which the letter will be used. Each marker moves in a specific manner (analogous to chess markers). For example, you want to form the word "BAT": On your first turn, you move a marker to the letter "B"; on your second turn you move a marker to the letter "A"; on third turn, you move to the letter "T". You can stop at this point and score the word "BAT", or you can continue to form, for example, the word "BATTLE" or "BATTLESHIP". Extra points are obtained if you land on an opponent marker located on a letter you are seeking; this is where strategy enters into the play of the game.

There are several unique features of W-W III, apart from the game representing a unique cross between strategy games and word games.

  • W-W III is entirely a game of skill, since all of the letters are on the board.
  • Also, because all of the letters are on the board, you can form any word you want.
  • The game is straightforward to learn, but has endless variations; basically, you move markers to connect letters to form words. Points build up to a winning score.
  • The shapes of the markers suggest their moves. For example, the sloped shape marker moves diagonally across the game board.
  • The game has several equalizers (handicaps) that adjust for different age and skill levels, permitting balanced competition for all involved. It is truly an intergenerational game.
  • There are numerous games within the game. For example, players can agree to form only 7 letter words, or only words with 3 vowels, or only nouns, etc.
  • The game is also designed as a work of art, where it is not only visually appealing, but has tactile and kinesthetic appeal as well-where the markers can interfit with one another while engaging in conflict.

Note, these are bloodless battles, where no markers are lost in the play of the game-hence, a word wars alternative to world wars.

The game is receiving excellent media attention from U.S. News & World Report to Readers' Digest. It was also shown on national TV-ABC's Day 1 and on CNN. In addition, the game was also the subject of three invited lectures given at the Smithsonian Institution, having been written about in The Smithsonian Associate magazine as an intergenerational game that was also a work of art. The prototype of the game was also selected in an internationally juried art competition (Challenge V, International Lathe-Turned Objects), and traveled on a 3-year, 13-museum exhibition tour. In addition, W-W III was selected by Fun & Games magazine as the "Best Party Game of 1994-1995"; the party feature particularly applies when 2 or more are on a team. The game has been entirely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

The cost of W-W III is $49.95 which includes shipping and handling (See Order Form).

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