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The Essential Cribbage Board

The Essential Cribbage Board

Tic Tac Phone

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More About GENCO

GENCO is a game company that specializes in board games that are at the same time educational, intergenerational, and artistic. In addition, the games contain built-in mental exercises for aging; vocabulary, for example, is a mental skill that research shows can improve with practice at least into one's 80s. Two of our games revolve around vocabulary. The games are intergenerational by virtue of their self-contained equalizers or handicaps that adjust for different age and skill levels in play. Meanwhile, the Smithsonian Institution has sponsored three combined lecture/exhibitions of our games as intergenerational games as works of art. Two of our games have been selected from competition in nationally juried art shows. Our game W-W III - A Game of WORD Wars was selected by Fun & Games Magazine as the "Best Party Game of 1994-1995". All of GENCO's games are entirely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Also, we are involved in the manufacture and sale of our games only, and regret we cannot accept outside ideas for games nor be involved in the manufacture of games by other companies or individuals.

NOTE 1: Game experts advise that educational games like these can generally be played by those age 8 and older-played with ease by age 10. Because of the handicaps designed in W-W III and Tic Tac Phone, most can start by age 8.

NOTE 2: Regarding older adults, these games are designed for individuals with good intellectual functioning who want to further challenge themselves to improve such mental skills as vocabulary, concentration, memory, strategy, analysis, searching, divided attention, and working with numbers.